GER Research Group


Ref MEYC CTM 2006-07960
Title Desarrollo de un proceso de obtención de productos cerámicos mediante la utilización de arenas de fundición residuales y material dragado: Evaluación técnica y Valorización ambiental 
Period 11/2006–11/2009
Program National R&D&I Plan 2004-2007


In this project, the purpose is the development of an “alternative” manufacturing process of fired clay brick using waste foundry sand and dredged material, in order to obtain a final product of acceptable quality by means of a technical, economical, and environmental process more sustainable than the traditional brick process. The technical feasibility of the new manufacturing process will be carried out using technical tests to evaluate the quality of new products. The environmental feasibility will be based on the IPPC Directive requirements. Therefore, the control of gaseous emissions from ceramic process will be determined and the evaluation of leaching behaviour of new products, in relation to their potential scenarios of utilisation/disposal through life-cycle using a integrated systems of leaching tests, will be determined.