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CTM 2009-11303

Ref CTM 2009-11303
Title Reutilización de arenas de fundición y escorias férricas en el sector cerámico de arcilla cocida: Análisis y modelado de las propiedades tecnológicas y medioambientales de los productos finales
Period 2010-2012
Program National R&D&I Plan 2008-2011


The main objective is the sustainable valorisation of foundry sand and ferric slagwaste materials by means their incorporation into production of fired clay building materials; the following specific object are proposed: i) toestablish mathematic models topredict the influence of content of alternative materials in combination with different types of clays on technological and environmental properties of ceramic bodies; ii) to investigate the microestructural transformations with temperature of optimum formulations for obtaining new knowledge about chemical reactions into the sintering process, and this way can systematize the firing cycle optimization, and iii) the estimation of gaseous emissions from ceramic process and the evaluation of leaching behaviour of new products, in relation to their potential scenarios of utilisation/disposal through life-cycle using a integrated system of leaching tests.