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06 Nov 2015

On Wednesday November 4th, Prof. Monika Olsson has participate at the ETSIIT in the Internationalization seminar entitled “Sea Farm Project”. This seminar is part of the activities that prof. Olsson has been carried out at the University of Cantabria (UC) as part of the Internationalization Project 2014/2015 KTH-UC of the Research Group GER granted by the Internationalization Section of the UC.


Monika Olsson is teacher at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden. Among the purely engineering and technology universities in the world, KTH is ranked as no. 19 in 2015 and no. 10 in Europe. Monika is Director of studies at Industrial Ecology Division at the SEED (Sustainable Development Environmental Science and Engineering Dpt.), at the School of Architecture and Built Environment. Is the contact for the Master Program Sustainable Technology and also is involved in the program Energy and Environment for engineers. During her short stay prf. Olsson has participate in two seminars to the bachelor students, an open talk to Master and PhD students, in Kick-off meetings with students and researches and in a meeting with staff of the UC International Section.  



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