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CO2 injection in France: A cooperative experience with INERIS

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13 Oct 2015

María del Camino Martín Torre has participated in an experimental cooperative experience of CO2 injection performed in Catenoy (France) by the Department of Underground Risks of INERIS (French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) in June 2015. She also has participated in the interpretation and modelling of the obtained results in September 2015. A seminar to show the work of this period is going to be on Friday, October 16th, 2015 (15:30 h, aula 05, ETSIIT).


During the month of September, 2015, she has also participated in two international conferences:

- Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and Application to Natural Hazards (EVAN 2015) with the poster entitled “Pollutant release from contaminated marine sediment under extreme acidification conditions due to CCS leakages and chemical spills” (M.Camino Martín-Torre, Gema Ruiz, Berta Galán, Alberto Coz, Javier R. Viguri).

- DGT Conference 2015, presenting the coordinated poster (NTNU-University of Cadiz- University of Cantabria), entitled “Pollutant behaviour using DGTs under ocean acidification conditions” (M. Camino Martín-Torre, Ana R. Borrero-Santiago, Murat V. Ardelan, M. Inmaculada Riba, T. Ángel DelValls, Javier R. Viguri).

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