GER Research Group


Ref 51.3147.64001
Title Estudio del comportamiento ambiental de escorias de fundición, acería y ferroaleaciones para su valorización en diferentes aplicaciones // Study of the environmental behavior of foundry, steel and ferroalloy slags for recovery in different applications.
Period 05/2014-10/2014
Program Contract research under article 83, UC- CIMA-CEOE/CEPYME


The main objective of the project is the analysis and modelling of the environmental behaviour of foundry, steel and ferroalloy slags from metallurgical process in Cantabria region, under the UE guideline EN 12920 and Dutch Building Materials Decree; this methodology allow the determination of the leaching behavior of the slags under specified conditions ensuring that secondary material specific properties (characterization) and scenario conditions (valorization) are taken into account.