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Ref UC 23.2983.64001
Title Análisis de resultados y creación de modelos de electrodiálisis -Electromodel
Period 09/2013-03/2014
Program Contract research under article 83 UC-Solvay Química,S.L


The project is the continuity of the previous Electromodel project (2nd Addenda). The current project is focused to the experimental work at micropilot electrodialysis plant of Solvay Chemical SL with different plant configuration, process conditions and raw materials. The analysis of current experimental data in terms of efficiency, membranes behaviour, production and needs of utilities is one of the main goal of the project. Aspen Plus and Aspen Custom Modeller tools to the micropilot and bench scale plants will be applied. The diversification of the applications of electrodyalisis to industrial plants is one of the main objectives.