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Representative publications


  • Revilla, M., Galán, B., Viguri, J.R., Analysis of simulation tools and optimization of the operational conditions for biofilm activated sludge industrial process, 2017

    International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. First Online: 04 November 2017


  • Revilla, M., Galán, B., Viguri, J.R., An integrated mathematical model for chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal in moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) including predation and hydrolysis. , 2016

    Water Research 98, 84-97

  • Revilla, M., Galán, B., Viguri, J.R., Analysis and modelling of predation on biofilm activated sludge process: Influence on microbial distribution, sludge production and nutrient dosage, 2016

    Bioresource Technology, 220, 572-583


  • Revilla, M., Viguri, J.R., Galán, B., Simulation and Optimization of Biofilm Activated Sludge Process for the Biological Treatment of Effluents from Cellulose and Viscose Industry, 2014

    Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Ji í Jaromír Klemeš, Petar Sabev Varbanov, Peng Yen Liew (Eds.). Elsevier, Amsterdam. pp. 1117-1122. ISBN (Set): 978-0-444-63434-4; ISSN: 1570-7946


  • Dosal, E., Galán, B., Andrés, A., Viguri, J.R., Introduction of social criteria for the optimal location of Construction and Demolition Waste management facilities in Cantabria (Spain), 2013

    Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 32:1027-1032.


  • Viguri, J.R., Cortabitarte, F., Galán, B., El agua: Usos y contaminación. En Gestión sostenible del ambiente: principios, contexto, métodos (Bruzzi L. y Serrano-Bernardo F. Eds), 2012

    Editorial Universidad de Granada. Parte 3. pp.409-440


  • Galán, B., Grossmann, I.E., Optimal design of real world industrial wastewater treatment networks, 2011

    Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 29, 1251-1255.


  • Arce, R., Galán, B., Coz, A., Andrés, A., Viguri, J.R., Stabilization/solidification of an alkyd paint waste by carbonation of waste-lime based formulations, 2010

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 177 (1-3) 428-436


  • Galán, B., Castañeda, D., Ortiz, I., Integration of ion exchange and non-dispersive solvent extraction processes for the separation and concentration of Cr(VI) from ground waters, 2008

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 152 (2) 795-804


  • Galán, B., Calzada, M., Ortiz, I., Recycling of Cr(VI) by membrane solvent extraction: Long term performance with the mathematical model, 2006

    Chemical Engineering Journal 124 (1-3) , pp. 71-79.
  • Galán, B., Calzada, M., Ortiz, I., Separation and concentration of Cr(VI) from ground waters by anion exchange using Lewatit MP-64: Mathematical modelling at acidic pH, 2006

    Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 24 (4), pp. 621-637