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Green Engineering and Resources Research Group


Faculty: Ana Andrés - Eva Cifrian - Alberto Coz - Berta Galán - Tamara Llano - Gema Ruiz - Javier R. Viguri

GER Research group currently includes 7 faculty members, 1 postdoctoral research contracts and 5 PhD students engaged in research and teaching activities. Each year, 2-4 Master's students (MEng, MSc), 1-2 research collaboration fellows, 4-6 students undertaking company´s Internships and Scholarships and 12-15 students carrying out their Bachelor´s degree project, are supervised by members of GER. The approach of the group´s activities is the use of the highest standards of quality, innovation and visibility, providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Ph Students

Coral Carrillo, Katty Environmental Assessment
Dacuba García, Juan ValWasCera
Martín Torre, María del Camino CCS Management
Muñoz Díaz, Itziar  CCS Management
Oviedo Costales, Jorge Esteban  Waste Material Valorization
Revilla Salas, Marta  Process System Engineering
Rodriguez Machado, Ana Lucía  Process System Engineering
Rueda Ruiz, Cristina BioValwas

Former PhD Students

Dra. Llano Astuy, Tamara  Ph.D. 2016
Oficina de Proyectos Europeos, Universidad de Cantabria
Dra. Díaz Fernández, Mª Carmen  Ph.D. 2016
BSH Electrodomésticos, Santander

Dra. Dosal Viñas, Elena Ph.D. 2016

Dra. Coronado Robles, María, Ph.D. 2014
Post-doctoral researcher at Bio-bean Ltd, UK
Dra. Cifrián Bemposta, Eva, Ph.D. 2013
Lecturer at the University of Cantabria
Dra. Ruiz Labrador,Begoña  Ph.D. 2013
Saint Gobain PAM España, Santander
Dra. Payán Fraile, Maria Cruz, Ph.D. 2013
Michelin Werk Bamberg, Germany
Dra. Quijorna Kyburz, Natalia, Ph.D. 2013
MATECO, S.L., Santander
Dra. Rebeca Alonso, Ph.D. 2010
Process Engineer and Research in Electrolysis/Electrodialysis at SOLVAY
Dr. Manuel Álvarez-Guerra, Ph.D. 2010
Lecteur at the University of Cantabria
Dr. Roberto Arce, Ph.D. 2009
Associate Professor at the Uiversity of Cantabria (Retired)
Dra. Cristina González Piñuela, Ph.D. 2007
Hemag Ingeniería, S.A. Madrid
Dra. María Calzada Cuadros, Ph.D. 2004
Teacher Secondary Education. Part-time instructor at the University of Cantabria
Dra. Ana Gómez Parra, Ph.D. 2000
Senior Researcher at University of Castellón, Spain
Dra. Milianinaninovf Cortés Posas, Ph.D. 1998
Zamorano University, Honduras


Former Master Students

Marta López Artigue, M.S. 2015
Departamento de Desarrollo. BSH Electrodomésticos España.
Juan Dacuba, M.S. 2015
Contract Researcher at the University of Cantabria
Noelia García, M.S. 2014
Marta Revilla, M.S. 2013
Sniace Company.
Cristina Rueda, M.S. 2011
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria.
Itziar Muñoz, M.S. 2011
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria
Lucía Pérez, M.S. 2011
Internship, OCAS - ArcelorMittal Global R&D Gent.
María del Camino Martín Torre, M.S. 2011
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria.
Tamara Llano, M.S. 2010
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria.
Elena Dosal, M.S. 2009
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria.
María Cruz Payán, M.S. 2009
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria.
María Coronado, M.S. 2009
Ph.D. Student at University of Cantabria.