GER Research Group

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GER Research Group

  Green Engineering and Resources is a Research Group formed by researchers from the University of Cantabria (Department of Chemistry and Process & Resource Engineering, ETSIIT).

Vision & Mission

  Integration of the technology, ecology, economics and social aspects in our teaching, research  and communication  activities with stakeholders to promote sustainable development and Green Engineering. We are involved in the use and application of strategies and practices related to knowledge management in an integrated framework of R&D&i teaching-real world applications promoting the decision-making process to solve problems in a context of international cooperation.


 We specifically address the synthesis, analysis, simulation and optimization of systems that include interconnectivity with available energy and material flows. These include design of waste valorization processes, application of lines of evidence for risk assessment and technical decision-making  processes.





  • GER renews its continuity under the responsibility of the Cantabria Waste Focal Point until the end of 2020
    GER renews its continuity under the responsibility of the Cantabria Waste Focal Point until the end of 2020

    On November 30, 2017, the Project entitled "Obtaining, processing and disseminating data on waste production and management and adaptation of the existing indicator system to the new waste plan of Cantabria" came into force. This project, signed as a Contract for Services in Open Procedure with the Regional Ministry of Universities and Research, Environment and Social Policy of the Regional Government of Cantabria, will be developed until the end of 2020 by the GER Group, with Dra. Eva Cifrian Bemposta as Responsible Researcher.

    The project supposes the continuity of the work carried out by the Cantabria Waste Focal Point ( The collection and selection of information related to waste in Cantabria, the processing and analysis of information through indicators, the analysis of the flow of materials of priority streams, as well as the active and systematic dissemination will be the main objectives.

    29 December 2017 in News