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Vision & Mission

  Integration of the technology, ecology, economics and social aspects in our teaching, research  and communication  activities with stakeholders to promote sustainable development and Green Engineering. We are involved in the use and application of strategies and practices related to knowledge management in an integrated framework of R&D&i teaching-real world applications promoting the decision-making process to solve problems in a context of international cooperation.


 We specifically address the synthesis, analysis, simulation and optimization of systems that include interconnectivity with available energy and material flows. These include design of waste valorization processes, application of lines of evidence for risk assessment and technical decision-making  processes.




  • María del Camino Martín Torre defended her Doctoral Thesis "Leakage effects of CO2 stored in marine geological formations: kinetic mobility of trace elements from marine sediments"

    Last November 22, Maria del Camino Martín defended her Doctoral Thesis entitled: "Leakage effects of CO2 stored in marine geological formations: kinetic mobility of trace elements from marine sediments", supervised by Dr. Javier R. Viguri from the GER research group at the UC. The evaluation committee was Dra.Inmaculada Riba from University of Cádiz and Dr. Philippe Gombert from INERIS, Verneuil-en-Halatte, France, and chaired by Dra. Ana Andrés Payán from the University of Cantabria (GER group). The Ph.D. has been made in the Chemistry and Process & Resource Engineering Department and has been supported by the financial help of the Project CTM 2011-28437-C02-01. Camino Martín was funded by means of an F.P.I. fellowship No. BES-2012-053816. In addition, Camino Martin completed her academic activities with a research stay at NTU in Trondheim, Norway. In addition to the defense, Philippe Gombert from the Ground and Underground Division/Water and Gas Department of the French National Institute for Environment and Risks- INERIS (Verneuil-en-Halatte, FRANCE), presented the conference “THE FRENCH NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RISK ASSESSMENT AND ITS ROLE IN CCS RESEARCH”. The collaboration between INERIS and the GER research group started in 2015 focused in the CCS risk assesment.



    23 November 2016 in News