GER Research Group

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Vision & Mission

  Integration of the technology, ecology, economics and social aspects in our teaching, research  and communication  activities with stakeholders to promote sustainable development and Green Engineering. We are involved in the use and application of strategies and practices related to knowledge management in an integrated framework of R&D&i teaching-real world applications promoting the decision-making process to solve problems in a context of international cooperation.


 We specifically address the synthesis, analysis, simulation and optimization of systems that include interconnectivity with available energy and material flows. These include design of waste valorization processes, application of lines of evidence for risk assessment and technical decision-making  processes.




  • Summer Courses related to Circular Economy and Sustainability
    Summer Courses related to Circular Economy and Sustainability

    The research group GER, in its training, exchange and internationalization activities, is involved in the 2016 edition of the University of Cantabria Summer Courses by the active participation in the courses taking place in Suances (Cantabria) coordinated by Dra. Ana Andres Payan from QuIPRe Department. Two courses are related to circular economy: the course “MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES TOWARDS A ZERO WASTE” (27 June-1 July) organized by Eva Cifrian Bemposta from GER group and Carlos Diaz García from Directorate General of Environment of the Government of Cantabria, and the course "SUSTAINABILITY IN BUILDING INDUSTRY (4-6 July) conducted by Dr. Elena Dosal Viñas from GER group and Dr. Carlos Thomas Garcia, from LADICIM, UC. These courses are aimed to bring the students and professional the latest developments in the evolution towards a circular economy and to sustainable practices, which are essential for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. 


    06 July 2016 in News